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One performance dashboard to rule them all.


Understanding what is happening with your Planet Fitness franchise business doesn't have to be so complicated. With The Ott Group's Orbiter dashboard, you have one dedicated source for performance metrics that matter most to your business. 

Coupled with The Ott Group's ability to oversee and measure the effectiveness of their advertising, Orbiter is too useful to be overlooked. Sign up to kick the tires and join at no cost to you. 

That's right. This bad boy is FREE.

Learn your way around the most powerful franchise ad analytics platform.

Monitor Joins

See all your new member acquisitions in real-time.

Manage Ad Spend

Build reports by channel and oversee budget allocations easily.

Measure Your ROI

With all the metrics in one place, you can focus on your cost per join.

Simple to Get Started

01. Register for the Webinar

You won't regret getting started. All you have to do is register for the next webinar and the process begins.

02. Receive your invite via email

Immediately following the webinar, you will receive your personal invite via email. The rest is history.

Meet Your Presenter

Who will be leading the Orbiter webinars?

Logan Lenz

Hear about the value of Orbiter directly from the creator himself. 

Watch a teaser video

Before the webinar

Planet Fitness Testimonials

We're helping club owners change their perspective on data.

Mike Walker

"This system is going to help us a lot. I'll be spreading the word."

Christy White

"Orbiter will help our entire team see our data faster and beautifully."

Make sense of your franchise business.

Unlock your franchise data with Orbiter.

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